Passing thru

She sat on the bed when suddenly the birds flocked one by one after another. They filled the patio around her home. The neighbors came out of their homes to peer through the doorway to the patio.

The girl stood in her room watching calmly through the window. They came at first and landed right beneath the tree, white like the snows of her northern home. No one had ever seen so many birds in one place. They heard of the butterfly migration to the states nearby but that always happened in the middle of the countryside. This was unexpected.

The girl realized she had hoped for these birds. She realized that their mysterious presence felt comforting and somehow more like home. The Mrs. at the doorway realized she felt the same. A feeling of comfort. Somehow this magic was just what the girl and the town had hoped for and believed in.

The white birds sat under the tree for three years and then travelled to the next city.


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