DeadSeee by Sigalit Landau, Israeli Artist

Sigalit Landau has produced several works that explore her native Israeli landscape in a performative way, here through a video trilogy that experiments with circular movements and the act of spinning.

Sigalit Landau’s work considers the way we can make sense of our space.  What magical realism does in words, Landau creates with her pieces.  I feel in awe when I see work like Landau’s which play with how we experience our surroundings.

Words have some more fluidity and movement than a landscape at first glance.  I can play with these words, move them, fire them, soften them. But what can we do with a sea or a watermelon?  Artists like Landau move them, fire them, and soften them.  They play with a similar magic with dissimilar materials.

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