in the flowers

Lisa Yuskavage. G in the flowers. 2005

G in the flowers, by Lisa Yuskavage

She cuts the stems

One by one by one

One by one

The tight green stem breaks under her slightly calloused fingers

nothing like her mother’s her aunt’s or her grandmother’s fingers

but slightly calloused and slightly covered

in a light dirt

she learned a few times how to cut flowers

how to find the right size stem

how to slowly examine the stem for the right point before

gently making the cut and steadily placing it in the bouqet

joining the daisies pneumonias and tulips

gently slowly

while she doesn’t recognize her hands as those of her mother her aunt nor her grandmother

she remembers the quiet of their movements like the calming silence of a silent movie

and feels the dulling ache of a fresh callous on her finger

– jl

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