Extreme Solitude

“Extreme Solitude” by Jeffrey Eugenides


She puts down the short story when she reads the line.

“The necessity for this book is to be found in the following consideration: that the lover’s discourse is today of an extreme solitude.”

Love here was exactly that.  An adventure through the deep trails behind the road.  Fall leaves crumpling as the wet of the last rainfall still holds onto their orange.  The orange of the leaves reminds her of him lying beside her on her crumpled philosophy class reading. It was fall.

She returned back to her dorm.  Sat in the bare fluorescent lit room, and went deeper without him.  Notes scribbled in notebooks.  Leaves meshing into her shoes as she walked. Walked and walked scratch crunch wet leaves stuck to her feet. As she walked alone  the soaked leaves held on to the soles of her feet slowing dragging her walk.


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