Across the Universe

The world here is going through revolution and war and hardship, it seems like it is all happening at just the same moment.

Sometimes I see that now. I look around and see families afraid to travel to the next city, young men leaving their homes and risking their lives to cross to the north for a chance to succeed, and extreme wealth and poverty staring eachother in the face.  I turn on my computer to see earthquakes shaking the world, rich companies ignoring their decisions and all people avoiding the blame.

Across the Universe shows how we each respond to the waves of life, the small and the large.  We scream, we protest, we write, we sing, we make art, we love one another.

Stories sympathize us to one another.  They bring us to one another, to consider one another, to know eachother.  So that when I make my decisions, in my daily life I think of these others.  So here I will tell stories to bring us to one another.  Here I will facilitate others to tell their stories as well.

– jl

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