breathing the space in between


Do these pieces

come together

For him the taxi cab

drove me home today

he waits for his girlfriend

from the north an Americana

who loves him he says

who wants to offer him a visa

but why how could he leave his family

Pieces together here he

pieces together his memories

there while here

the way they met

she liked him

when she saw him there

Here driving fast down

avenida universidad

he recounts the story

his decisions

his courage

his pride in his decision

to stay

What is your name? he asks

I am the bridge

back to her

and the way she saw him

I breathe this space in between

along with him

as we drive past the tace stand

and the warm wind blows in the car around us

– jl

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5 thoughts on “breathing the space in between

  1. So beautiful, so you. Love it girl, thanks a million for sharing!! Is it public yet?

  2. Koala Boy on said:

    love from Lima!

  3. A.Mart on said:

    boootiful words from a bootiful girl

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