Offering by Christie Towers

Sandra Gamarra. The New Worshippers, II. 2007

WHEN THE DAY’S rain has ended
and the sky wears it dark as a stain

go and see what you have collected: water
filling up the flower boxes, overflowing the teacups

you left on the porch.
Go and see how still it has become

in your unintentional catching,
how it seems to sleep.

How the cold night coming hushes it further, brushes
away its shivering with icy fingers

until the water seems encased in glass,

museum safe.

Go and see how even then
its calm is a choice you have made: think how you move

through air, how a room changes even with your

smallest breath,
how everything you hold is transformed, how the water

changes shape to hold your fingertips, your breath cutting
its slick surface, how nothing

but memory is still and unchanging.

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