culture stuffs my throat and rings in my ears

In a time when people fear the word globalization for what it means and what it deletes from our worlds- what is culture?  Traveling and living between the U.S and Mexico, culture stuffs my throat and rings in my ears.

The pace of the city is kept with the feel of businessman in Grand Central station- mixing the tune of the buses, their brakes swoosh like a drum brush- mixing with the constant tune of the construction drill.

Our thoughts- the silence and eyebrows carry the tune despite their invisibility to our ears.  Thoughts whizz in and out dancing around the commercial images replaying in our minds.  Calm in the chaos we have magically achieved while our eyes feed off the wild lights.

Culture may seem like a mix of all cultures or a non-existent word in our globalized world.  But culture is sensed in the music of the city- like a Bethoven differs from Chopin- the cities and places are their own and their pieces of music correlate with new rules and norms in our minds.

Here as these beats hits against our ears- anything goes.

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